Before founding ARESE in 1982, engineer C.J. Violier ( 1921-2015) had already devoted his life to Italian cars. From day one of ARESE – thanks to his experience and knowledge- our company has proved to be a reliable partner concerning car parts, restorations, revision and race and rally preparation. The past three decades we have been able to keep up with the developments in this field.

More than 34 years ago we started with Italian cars and in the course of years we have dared to fill in the finesses which are necessary to give useful and competent advice as it comes to restoration, revision, race and rally preparation, purchase and technical inspections.

Our experience in combination with a wide European network enables us again and again to get hold of the most beautiful Italian cars. This also has to do with the many local contacts we have who exactly know what we are looking for. In this way we are constantly informed and on the spot we value the quality of the car offered.

Next to fulfilling searches we import on our own initiatives classic Alfa Romeos and Maseratis.

We dispose of an enormous amount of car parts and deliver anything for your Alfa Romeo and Maserati.

In short: whether your Italian car has 4,6, 8 or 12 cylinders and is being used on the circuit for car racing or in the street, you can always contact and rely on us.

On behalf of Arese, arrivederci,


Eric Violiereric-violier-in-alfa-giulietta-spider-arese